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HackNotts '23
Date:     11-12 Feb 2023
Start:    10:00 (TBC)
Finish:   15:30 (TBC)
Location: University of Nottingham
Host:     HackSoc
Uptime:   9 years

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HackNotts is a 24 hour hackathon brought to you by HackSoc along with the University of Nottingham. Tickets are free! They are not available yet so keep an eye on this page to see when they are released!

What is HackNotts?

You will have 24 hours to design, coordinate and execute an idea. Each year we have students travel from across the far ends of the country collaborating, prototyping, and accomplishing amazing and innovative ideas in just 24 hours.

You'll learn new skills from both the many attendees along with the informative workshops hosted by the sponsors and organisers of this event.

You don't have to be a software or hardware wizard to attend. No matter your skill level you will be able to brainstorm and produce something and hopefully learn along the way.

Have a look at the About page to find out more information about what the Hackathon involves.

Win prizes!

We have various prizes you'll to want to win in several categories including:

Other categories might be added from our sponsors so keep an eye open for any updates!